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frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please call us at 888.400.5454. It would be a pleasure to speak with you.


Why should I use Noodle & Boo products on my baby?

Noodle & Boo products are developed for baby skin. Babies have different skin care needs than adults for several reasons.

  • At birth, babies' skin is nearly perfectly pH neutral, whereas adult skin is more acidic.
  • The epidermis or outer layer of baby's skin is 20-30% thinner and therefore less resilient than adult skin.
  • Infant skin both absorbs and loses moisture more quickly than adult skin.
  • Infant skin can be more susceptible to infection. Infant skin has not yet fully developed the defenses to protect itself from certain bacteria, and babies do not have fully effective immune systems to fight off infection.
  • Babies have reduced sweating capability, compared to normal adults. This affects their ability to reduce body temperature through sweating. In addition to affecting body processes, this decreased ability to sweat may contribute to rashes.

Noodle & Boo products ensure the comfort of healthy skin for your little one. Developed for normal baby skin, sensitive skin and those with atopic skin tendencies, you can be confident Noodle & Boo will have the products you need that are both safe and effective to care for your baby.

Does Noodle & Boo have any unsafe or questionable ingredients in any of the products?

Noodle & Boo develops each product with proven-safe ingredients that have significant historical data to support each use.  On-going research ensures that any new information with regards to industry findings will be thoroughly reviewed to make sure that Noodle & Boo continues to provide innovative, safe and effective products that meet the highest quality standards

Questionable ingredients that we avoid include:
Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, PPG's, Dyes, GMO's, Triclosan, Formaldehyde Donors, Essential Oils

Are Noodle & Boo products Bisphenol-A (BPA) free?

Yes, Noodle & Boo is Bisphenol-A (BPA) free.

What product should I use if my baby/child has eczema?

The Ultimate Ointment provides a barrier for the skin allowing the natural healing process to occur. We've had such wonderful success stories in treating eczema. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

What product should I use if my baby has diaper rash?

The Ultimate Ointment is guaranteed to work. We are so confident that if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, simply return it.

I'm going to have a baby, what baby products should I start with?

Congratulations! Your newborn musts include:

  1. Extra Gentle Shampoo (for sensitive skin and scalp)
  2. Soothing Body Wash (for sensitive skin baby)
  3. Super Soft Lotion (for sensitive skin baby)
  4. Ultimate Ointment (diaper care and skin irritations)
  5. Ultimate Cleansing Cloths (for face, body and bottom)
Does Noodle & Boo test on animals?

Noodle & Boo does not test products on animals, and does not have animal testing conducted on our behalf. We ensure the safety of our products by using gentle ingredients that have been used reliably for many years, along with effective amounts of mild preservatives. These preservatives are non-toxic and non-irritating, helping to safeguard the quality of our products. In addition, we conduct state-of-the-art testing methods on human volunteers.

Is Noodle & Boo's packaging recyclable?

Yes, Noodle & Boo's packaging is recyclable. In addition our products are biodegradable. We care about preserving the environment. Being socially responsible is part of Noodle & Boo's culture.

purchasing, shipping and returns

What are the shipping charges?
Purchase Total Standard Shipping
$0.00 - $50.00 $5.00
$50.01 - $100.00 $10.00
$100.01 - $150.00 $15.00
$150.01 - $200.00 $20.00
$200.01 - $250.00 $25.00
$250.01 - $500.00 $30.00
$500.01 - $750.00 $40.00
$750.01 - $1000.00 $50.00
$1000.01 - $1250.00 $60.00
$1250.01 - $1500.00 $70.00
How long will it take to receive my order?

All orders placed before 4 pm Eastern Standard Time will be processed and shipped the following business day. Orders placed after 4 pm will be considered placed the following day and will be processed and shipped within 48 business hours. Our standard shipping is Priority Mail through USPS. While it is not guaranteed, once shipped your package will normally arrive within 3-4 business days.

For additional information, see our Shipping Policy & Charges.

Can I expedite my order?

Yes. Please call 888.400.5454 for expedited shipments.

All orders placed before 4 pm Eastern Standard Time will be processed and shipped the following business day. Orders placed after 4 pm will be considered placed the following day and will be processed and shipped within 48 business hours. Expedited shipping is Express Mail through USPS or UPS. Once shipped, your package is guaranteed either next day or 2-day delivery based on your delivery location.

For additional information, see our Shipping Policy & Charges.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

At this time we can only ship to customers in the United States.

What if I want to return Noodle & Boo product?

We stand behind our products 100%! If you are not completely happy with your purchase for any reason you may return it. We ask that you do so within 14 days of receipt. Simply call us at 888.400.5454 to request a call tag. Once you receive it, send us the product in its original packaging and a copy of the original invoice. Please include your contact information so we can expedite the return.

Shipping charges are not refundable.

Mail to:
Noodle & Boo, LLC
100 Cooper Court, Suite B
Los Gatos, California 95032

Do I have to create an account to purchase product on the Noodle & Boo site?

No. You may purchase product as a guest. However, the value of creating an account is that all your contact information is saved allowing you save time the next time you order. By having an account you can review order history. Noodle & Boo does not keep credit card information.


Does Noodle & Boo give away free samples?

Noodle & Boo provides many retailers with samples for our customers to try in-store. Look for our testers and samples at your favorite Noodle & Boo retailers.

We also include samples with every internet purchase.

Does Noodle & Boo have a multiple birth program?

We are happy to offer a one-time gift to the parents of twins, triplets, and other multiple births. To receive a gift, fax a copy of each birth certificate within 6 months of the date of birth to 408.377.3406 or mail to:

Noodle & Boo, LLC
100 Cooper Court, Suite B
Los Gatos, California 95032

How do I request a donation or product for a fundraiser?

We want to support causes that are important to our customers. Please provide details of the event/organization, click here. You will need to provide 501(c) information for the organization that would receive a donation from Noodle & Boo. For more information regarding our philanthropic outreach, please review our mission statement.

Where can I find a store that carries Noodle & Boo products?

We are proud of all our retail partners. To locate a retail store near you, click here

How do I recommend a store that should carry Noodle & Boo products?

Simply contact our customer service. Be sure to include the name, address and phone number of the store you'd like to recommend. We will send you a discount code for your next purchase. Thank you for your support!

Who do I contact if I am interested in offering Noodle & Boo products to my customers?

You may contact us directly at 888.400.5454 for more information. Additionally, our wholesale application can be completed on-line and we will send you company information and product samples.

Do you offer concierge services for corporate gifts, baby showers, party and holiday gifts?

Yes. Our concierge services cater to our clientele and their desire for gift-giving at its best. If you appreciate beautiful things and have an event that needs to "be perfect," working with Noodle & Boo will be easy and delightful. We will assist you create elegant, one-of-a-kind gifts just for "the occasion." Please contact us at 888.400.5454 for more information.

Why should I sign up as a Noodle & Boo Buddy?

Being a Buddy allows you to receive special offers and limited time discounts available only through our website. You do not need to provide any additional information other than your e-mail address. P.S. - We do not share your email address with anybody.

How can I find more information about Noodle & Boo's affiliate program?

Please contact our affiliate marketing for more information. If you are already a Linkshare affiliate, apply directly to our program using your login at

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