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baby hair care tips

Baby Hair Care Tips

Although some babies are born bald, most babies are born with a soft, downy head of hair. This newborn hair will only last for the first few months after birth. The fluffy newborn hair gradually falls out and new hair grows in. The new hair is much fuller than the newborn hair and tends to grow in a pattern. The hair that replaces the down is more along the lines of the texture and eventual color that the child will have, but this is not guaranteed.

how to care for baby's hair

The care of baby hair is simple. The key thing to remember when caring for the hair of a newborn is to be very gentle. Avoid putting pressure on the soft spot on the top of the baby's head. Most babies and even some children up to the age of five are sensitive to any kind of pressure on their scalp.

When washing the hair and the scalp of a baby or young child, be sure to move very slowly and gently. Make sure that there are no tangles in the hair before washing it.

Many babies and young children do not like to have their hair washed. It is important to teach children at a very early age the importance of hair and scalp cleanliness. This can be accomplished by making shampooing a special time that becomes a treat for the child.

use gentle baby shampoo and conditioning

Ways to make this experience enjoyable are to use tearless baby shampoo, like Noodle & Boo's Extra Gentle Shampoo, and take appropriate measures to avoid getting products in the face and eyes. One very valuable asset is a bath hat. It looks like a visor and is snug around the forehead and behind the neck. It allows you to wet, wash and rinse the hair without ever getting the face wet. Shampooing becomes a nice head massage instead of a dreaded event.

Avoiding tangles is also helpful. Noodle & Boo's baby hair polish ensures that tangles come out effortlessly and hair remains well groomed. Conditioning Hair Polish also helps protect young scalps from environmental conditions.

as baby grows

As babies become children, their hair will often change color. Often children who had very light colored hair as a newborn or young baby have darker hair, as they get older. Scientists believe that as pigment cells gradually mature, they produce more pigment in the child's hair, making it darker. Light hair is basically hair that has an absence of pigment.

As children start to take an interest in their own hair and how they style it, it is the time to encourage them to follow an entire regimen of good hair hygiene practices. Show children how to properly shampoo and rinse their hair. Tangles cause irritation and pain for young children. Noodle & Boo's Conditioning Hair Polish eliminates this frustration by gently taking away the source of irritation: tangles! Hair becomes easy to comb without pain or pulling, and it dries shiny smooth. It also ensures that children look well groomed in between shampooing by giving children (and their parents) a grooming tool that does not weigh down hair, but leaves it well styled. This excellent tool helps eliminate bed-head and ensures that children will look well groomed in between shampoos.

Teach children about towel blotting, detangling, combing and brushing their hair too. Help them build a good hair hygiene schedule so that they learn the importance of keeping their hair clean and neat.

Giving your child high quality products, combs and brushes, and teaching them the proper way to care for their hair can instill good grooming habits that will come in handy for many years to come!


While the information published here is meant to be accurate, it is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your physician or local medical facility for information specific to your individual needs. We urge that you check with your physician before undertaking any course of action and recommend that you always follow the advice and recommendations of your health practitioner.

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